Congratulations, Tom Wall

Posted on:May 18,2018

Western Insurance Agency extends gratitude and congratulations to agent, Tom Wall, on his retirement this Spring.

After graduation from Eastern Washington University in 1973 – at the request of his father, the owner of an agency  – Tom decided to try out the insurance business for a year. That year turned into 45, and as Tom recalls, it was 45 years of service that allowed him to give back to his community in ways he hadn’t anticipated.

Most youngsters don’t dream of becoming insurance agents when they grow up. After diving into an industry that he was already familiar with, Tom discovered his dream job was a career that allowed him to build relationships of loyalty and service, with a sense of security and trust, as well as the ability to participate in community activities, youth coaching and raise a family. With a flexible schedule – the insurance industry provided a real way to connect with the community.

Tom shared that he never really felt stressed about work and that looking back on it all, he’s happy he chose to step up as a third generation insurance professional. In looking back, he says he understands why his father encouraged him to take on insurance as a career, and why his grandfather had called for his father to give it a try. He says, it was the best choice he could have made – and now, he’s able to see it as a truly noble and service-based profession.

Tom’s service to his communities, and the industry, have brought peace of mind to clients through the terms of 9 U.S. presidents. That’s a lot of transitions, elections, wars, economic upset and a whole lot of insurance policies.

Through all the ups and downs of 45 years, the constant remains the agent-client connection and the strength of trust in that relationship. Tom shared that even with economic or political shifts, insurance has a way of offering a sense of security when an agent helps clients protect assets and legacies. The wealth of wisdom and experience he brought to the agency will continue to be a treasured asset.

The journey of how Western Insurance Agency came to be is woven of many stories, and today we honor the story of Tom Wall, a third generation insurance agent, small town proud and passing the torch on to his son, John, a fourth generation agent of pride in service and community relationships.

We celebrate all that Tom brought to Western Insurance Agency. We celebrate his trust in our process and merging his agency with ours.

How do you fully acknowledge the wisdom and legacy of family service? At Western, big time value and small town service is the cornerstone of all that we do. Tom’s contribution has been crucial in solidifying these values for the team.

Tom’s son, John Wall, will continue to serve the same communities his father and grandfather did. And Western Insurance Agency will weave those years of knowledge into our approach of providing the communities we serve with the kind of client experience they’d get from a business that values time, loyalty and service.

Congratulations Tom!

We appreciate you and wish you the very best in the next chapter of the Wall legacy. We hear you’re already pretty busy keeping up with vacations and grandkids.

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