Crop Agent

Jim started selling Federal Crop Insurance in 1988.  He loves working with farmers because they are some of the most honest and straight forward people he knows. Some of the largest changes Jim has seen over his career is the consolidation of farms. “There have gotten to be fewer farmers and the farms that are left are all larger now.” He also, noted that the margins for farmers have gotten tighter over his career.

Jim’s clients say that he is truly on their side and that his wisdom and honest service make them clients for life. His team members think of him as a pillar, he is dependable and steadfast.

Jim went to High School in St. John, WA where he was the president of the student body and played sports. He attended Montana Tech where he played basketball, was president of the student body and earned a degree in Petroleum Engineering. Jim has been married to his lovely wife Janet for 33 years, they have 3 children and live on a small farm outside of St John, WA.  He thinks bowling and golf sound fun but prefers gardening and hunting with his son in his free time. Jim grew up in a family of 10 kids.

A bit of Jim trivia: His favorite type of ice cream is chocolate chip mint. His favorite color is green. His favorite food is Thai Food.