Licensed Agent

John has been a member of the Western Insurance Associates team from the beginning. He started out at Fairfield-Waverly team in 2009. John does a little bit of everything around the agency; sales, processing, customer service, claims, and federal crop insurance. He makes a point of giving his best and being a dynamic part of what makes the Western team great. Other team members say he is laid back, diligent and makes client needs a priority. Clients say that he always has their best interests in mind. John says the thing he appreciates most about being a part of Western Insurance Associates is the wealth of knowledge provided by Kerry and Tom combined with the new energy and direction brought by Drew, with the uniting of two strong agencies.

John graduated from Washington State University in 2003 with a degree in Sport Management; he then worked for Major League Baseball’s Arizona Fall League in Phoenix, Az. In the fall of 2003, he returned to Spokane to begin his career in insurance. John married his lovely wife, Kristen, in July 2004 and they are blessed with 2 daughters, Katie (6) and Kasey (2). John runs a bowling league on Thursday nights , in Spokane Valley, from September to April, and then runs a golf league in Tekoa, WA from May to July.

Unlike Tom, John has never bowled a 300 or hit a hole-in-one, and the only thing he asks for on his birthday every year is a ‘Blondie’ from Applebee’s.  Oh and he does not like fruit pies!