What you don’t know about the Liberty High School Lancers

Posted on:Nov 30,2016

In the middle of a fertile wheat field in Eastern Washington, there is a school.

This school is comprised of students from the small communities of Spangle, Plaza, Fairfield, Mount Hope, Latah and Waverly; they come together with strength and grit. The convergence of these small farming communities, at this small school, creates a generational cohesion of spirit and tenacity. Many of the students at Liberty High School are attending the same school their parents attended. The community support is solid and as the thrill of winning the Eastside seat for the 2b State Football championships, to be played on Friday against the Westside champions, Napavine, we thought you might like to learn a bit of insider information on this little school with big heart.

24 years ago Liberty High School won the State Championship and the running back that helped seal the deal on that win has a big part to play in Friday’s upcoming game; his son is a running back on the current Liberty Lancers team. That is how ridiculously interwoven the history and culture is of this small town. In these small farming communities, sports are often a welcome reprieve from the daily tasks and grind of farming and rural life.


The team that is going to State this year is made up of incredibly hardworking young men. These boys are up with the sun working on their family farms and spent the summer committed to 5-hour long practice. After which, they’d head home to help out their families and communities. The young men that are going to the state championships on Friday are men of tenacity and perseverance. These young people juggle community responsibility with generational obligation and still manage to excel at their studies and earn their place at the state championship.

Small towns are a bit of an enigma for some. Looking in from the outside, they can be difficult to gauge and understand. When you’re from a small town looking out, it’s quite a challenge to explain the beauty and unique magnetism that takes place, we are ok with that. Some things have no need for description. Such is the way of the small town. It must be experienced and felt and the Liberty Lancers will be taking a lot of that small town heart with them to the game on Friday.

Here’s what we know for certain. The team that will walk onto the 2b State Championship field, on Friday, is one of huge ability, relentless spirit, and enormous heart. The size of the community is an asset to these players. The support they receive is unparalleled by any measurement. Liberty High School is a stand alone hero. These players pour their heart, soul, and physical greatness into every single minute of their High School careers. Are they good football players? Of course. But, do you know why? I believe that these boys are in the position that they are because of their dedication to their families, farms, and communities. These youth are raised with a work ethic and ideology of responsibility that quite nearly makes settling and taking the easy road, an impossibility. This team is big in heart, big in soul and gigantic in their love and commitment to their school and the communities that support and build them up.


What do you need to know about the Liberty High School Lancers?

Well, you need to know that they will be bringing the love and support of their tight-knit hardworking communities with them. These farm-raised young men are putting in everything they’ve got in hopes of winning the title of State Champions. You need to know that this isn’t a win or a loss for them, this is generations of sweat and tears. This is closing the schools so the whole community can pull together to support their team. This is adding to a legacy that will live on in stories and legends for years to come. This is small farming communities coming together to celebrate their grit. This is Liberty High School Lancers.

We wish the Liberty High School players and their families the best of luck and skill.

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  • December 2, 2016 AT 3:47 am
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They will leave the field win or lose with the same spirit they go on the field. They will be kind, proud and respectful of themselves and their opponents.

  • December 2, 2016 AT 6:46 am
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Great job. Great story Go Liberty Lancers

  • December 2, 2016 AT 5:12 pm
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Agreed with the story written it’s the work ethic and commitment to excellence. GO LANCERS